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The 5 Best Aussie Fundraising Ideas

park fundraiser

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The costs for teams and clubs to operate, host and travel to events can be phenomenal and fundraising is often necessary. As well as raising money, a successful fundraiser will up your club’s public profile, engender community spirit and be a cracking good time. Check out these five ideas for beaut Aussie fundraisers. 1. HOLD …

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Sausage Sizzle Safety Tips

barbecue fire

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When planning your fundraising barbie there’s a tiny bit more to think about than just how many snags to order and whether to offer sauce AND mustard (for fancy customers) or just sauce (the true Aussie way). Safety is paramount if you want to protect the public, yourselves and your profits. Follow these sausage sizzle …

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11 Ways You Know You’re OBSESSED with Sausage Sizzles

Grilled sausages

Posted September 5, 2015  /   By admin  /  0 Comments

1. You’ve been to Bunnings 75 times, and not once entered the store. 2. You leave a BBQ if there are no sausages cooking. 3. You regularly get into debates around what type of bread is best for your sausage sizzle. 4. You refuse to vote unless the polling station has a sausage sizzle running. …

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POLL: Best Sausage Sizzle Bread

sausage sizzle bread

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POLL: What’s your favourite Sausage Sizzle sauce?

Sausage sizzle sauce

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How to Run a Successful Sausage Sizzle

successful sausage sizzle

Posted August 29, 2015  /   By admin  /  0 Comments

The sausage sizzle is an Aussie institution and a relatively easy way to fund-raise for your team, group or event. But there’s a bit more to it than just setting up a barbie and collecting the cash. Follow these simple tips to run a successful sausage sizzle and fast-track your fundraising: Book your spot Many …

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Guidelines for a Safe Sausage Sizzle

BBQ Safety

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In Australia and New Zealand, many charity fundraisers are held, but Sausage Sizzles are the most popular charity fundraisers in Australia. At this outdoor event, the event holders serve a barbecued sausage on a bread roll or a white bread slice. The events are a popular way of raising funds for community organisations and charities …

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Sausage Sizzle Considerations


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With our fantastic weather, it’s no wonder we Australians love a Barbie! And if you can generate money for a good cause at the same time, all the better. A Sausage Sizzle is always popular, easy to organise and run and delicious to boot. So what is a Sausage Sizzle? Barbecued snags, wrapped in bread, …

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10 Great Aussie BBQ Tips


Posted August 27, 2015  /   By admin  /  0 Comments

How many nations can lay claim to turning the BBQ into a national pastime? Only us Aussies can! Our love for weekends and the outdoors coupled with an abundance of excellent produce makes the Aussie Barbie one of the tastiest traditions around the world! Here are some tips to leave your mates licking their fingers …

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QUIZ: How Aussie are you? (sausage sizzle edition)


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