Sausage Sizzle Considerations

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With our fantastic weather, it’s no wonder we Australians love a Barbie! And if you can generate money for a good cause at the same time, all the better. A Sausage Sizzle is always popular, easy to organise and run and delicious to boot.

So what is a Sausage Sizzle? Barbecued snags, wrapped in bread, usually served with onions and sauce is the short answer. Nothing tastes as good as food cooked outdoors and the smell of grilling sausages will make everyone ravenous. Exactly what you want to raise plenty of cash.

So how do you go about planning your event? Budget-wise, you will need to purchase more than just the sausage. Don’t forget:

  • Gas bottles
  • Serviettes
  • Gazebos/coverings
  • Eskies
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Utensils
  • Variety of sauces
  • Onions
  • Drinks

Food hygiene and safety is vital. Eskies to keep everything cold are the simplest option unless the cooking is near a clubhouse or hall. Prepare all raw meat before going to the site. Pack it with ice to keep it cold. Serve food immediately and don’t reheat it. Cook it well. Don’t mix cooked meat with raw meat. Keep food covered and provide hand washing facilities.

Another factor to take into consideration is public liability insurance. Are you covered by the insurance in case of an accident, at your premises as well as off-site? Ensure the safety of the ankle-biters by keeping fires away from the public.

There are other fund raising opportunities other than the sale of snags. Will local businesses donate some of the food or sponsor the event in exchange for promotion? Many businesses like to be seen as supportive of the community and will willingly get involved if asked. The sale of club merchandise can bring in extra revenue as well.

Organising a craft fair of local products to be held along with your Sausage Sizzle would draw more people. Charge a flat-rate for the tables or ask for a percentage of their sales, though you are trusting to the honesty of the stall holders in that case. Ice cream and fairy floss always go down well with the kids and are inexpensive to provide.

Ensure you are allowed to sell food other than sausages by checking with your local council before your sizzle.

Check with the local authorities before planning such an event. Are you allowed to hold one? What are the restrictions or conditions? It may be that you need to have a doctor or the local fire brigade on site, for example. If a road or section of the road needs to be blocked off, special permission will be required. Parking can be a problem as well, and needs to be addressed well-ahead of time. How difficult is it to get a temporary liquor licence if you need one?

It is no good holding an event if no one knows about it. Social media, emails, newsletters and your website are valuable means of advertising. Advertise extensively and in good time. Make sure that your date does not clash with other events in the community. Sausage Sizzles will easily draw a crowd but not if it’s Cup Day, for example.

Of course, don’t forget to register it so it appears on the sizzle map!

At the end of the day, face it, you will be knackered. Just remember to have fun and plan your next Sausage Sizzle.