Benefits of a Sausage Sizzle

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The community sausage sizzle is an opportunity to have fun and contribute to a great cause at the same time. So when the sun is shining and the birds are singing, that’s the perfect time to throw some bangers on the barbie and make the world a better place.

Barbies are so common and so many people enjoy them but have you ever stopped to think what are the benefits of a community sausage sizzle? Well here is the answer.

You are contributing to a good cause

Sausage sizzles are meant to help fund-raise for worthy causes. Many causes need money and the easiest way to get that money is to join efforts together. Woolworths and Bunnings are two examples of large corporations who have helped many communities with their sausage sizzles. Schools, vulnerable groups, environmental and many more causes are supported through a simple Barbie with mates from the community.

It is a chance to mix and mingle

The time we spend with our neighbours and other members of the community is a great opportunity to know each other. Strong community ties are necessary for its development. The sausage sizzle may be the only chance you get to know what your neighbour does and for you to let them know what you do and somehow you might realise you are able to work together. It is always easier to work with people you are mates with. A barbie is a good place to network and make friends you will need in the future.

Great fun for the family

You need to spend time with your ankle biters and your spouse, so what better opportunity than this? The delicious snags, the open field for the ankle biters to run around and make friends and good company, that is what you get at a sausage sizzle. You can also teach the children the importance of charity and things like planting trees or whatever cause is being supported at that particular sausage sizzle.

Carrying on a wonderful tradition

Sausage sizzles have become a great tradition for us Aussies. Visitors come here and hear about it and ask to be invited to them because they realise that is one of the things that defines living in Australia. Getting a snag is part of Aussie tradition, we love our snags and we let the world know by having community sausage sizzles.

Everyone loves lovely food

The smell of bangers and onions on the barbie is always a welcome experience as you drive up to a sausage sizzle. Seeing the crispy brown snag on the barbie as you wait your turn to be served and then looking on as it is put in the middle of a slice of bread and onions and sauce poured onto it, handed over to you… enticing! Taking that first bite and tasting all the flavour as your mate tells you a story; that is the benefit of a community sausage sizzle. Just thinking of this should be enough to make you want to have one right now!

Soften up your poker buddies!

Invite some friends over and put on a great BBQ. Arrange a poker game afterwards where you can clean them for all they’ve got!

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