11 Ways You Know You’re OBSESSED with Sausage Sizzles

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1. You’ve been to Bunnings 75 times, and not once entered the store.


2. You leave a BBQ if there are no sausages cooking.


3. You regularly get into debates around what type of bread is best for your sausage sizzle.


4. You refuse to vote unless the polling station has a sausage sizzle running.

sausage sizzle polling station

5. You brag to your friends while eating your sizzle because they don’t have a sizzle.


6. You buy two sausages. The second one is NOT for your mate.

sausage sizzles

7. You know the best value soft drinks are at Bunnings.


8. You take a date to a sausage sizzle (get rid of them if they aren’t impressed!).


9. You have the price list of your local sausage sizzle memorised.

sausage sizzle price

10. You buy two sausages so you don’t have to carry around change from your fiver (that’s your excuse anyway!).

two sausage sizzles

11. You’ve used the Find Your Sausage Sizzle map to desperately find a sizzle.

sizzle map

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