10 Great Aussie BBQ Tips

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How many nations can lay claim to turning the BBQ into a national pastime? Only us Aussies can! Our love for weekends and the outdoors coupled with an abundance of excellent produce makes the Aussie Barbie one of the tastiest traditions around the world!

Here are some tips to leave your mates licking their fingers at the next barbie.

1. Never cook your meat cold

This is the first and most basic rule of cooking meat. Bring up your meat to room temperature before putting it on the grill otherwise the inner part of the meat will remain uncooked. Making sure that the meat is cooked throughout is more than half the battle won. The higher the inner temperature of the meat is before cooking, the easier it is to get a beautiful even cook throughout.

2. Heat up the grill

You have to be careful while cooking sausages though since too much heat can cause their skin to burst.

Make sure you get the Barbie nice and hot before you start loading it up with Steaks. This will help you get a nice caramelised crust on the outside and keep all the lovely juices from the meat inside. You have to be careful while cooking sausages though since too much heat can cause their skin to burst.

3. How thick is too thick?

The famed Aussie’s love for their 2 inch thick steaks is well known, however it is always easier to cook a slightly thinner steak. You can ensure that the heat reaches through the meat much easier with a thinner piece of meat. A good tip is to physically spread the steak a little thin after you put it on the Barbie to help cook it better and to tenderise the meat.

If you must have a thick steak then start out by searing the outside and maybe finishing it off in the oven. Ideally, a one and a half inch or even a one and a quarter inch steak is perfect to be put on the grill.

4. Bangers and Mash

No BBQ is complete without some snags on the Barbie. In fact charity BBQ events also known as a Sausage Sizzle are quite common across the country. This involves a group of people cooking up some delicious snags and serving it in a piece of white bread and grilled onions with a side of mashed potatoes (if that tickles your fancy!).

These events are held around hardware stores, parks, and even schools for charity or community reach programs. There is truly nothing like a snag on an Aussie Barbie and they can come stuffed with a wide variety of meat ranging from Beef, Lamb to Kangaroo and Emu.

The best way to cook these sausages is by first poaching them in water on low heat and then placing them on a cold grill. Set the heat to low and let the sausages cook. It is important never to pierce the sausages otherwise you risk losing a large part of the flavor from the meat. Make sure you keep turning the sausages periodically to make sure that they are cooked evenly.

5. Turn it once

Too many beginners make the mistake of playing with the meat once they have put it on the grill

Too many beginners make the mistake of playing with the meat once they have put it on the grill because they feel like they are expected too! The beauty of the process lies in its simplicity. Just put the meat on the grill, let it cook on one side completely and then turn it over. Done. All the poking and prodding just makes the juices come out of the meat. Recognising when to turn the meat takes is a skill learned over time of so ask if you are not sure!

6. Keep the fat content in check

It becomes difficult to control the flames if the meat has too much fat in it or has been slathered with excess marinade. Make sure that the meat has been drained of excess marinade before you put it on the grill otherwise there is a good chance that you will end up charring and burning it.

Some cuts of meat are inherently fatty, so try and trim of the fat portions before you cook it or else use a slower, longer time of cooking.

7. Rest your meat

Another mistake that you will see beginners make all the time. Once the meat has been barbecued it should be allowed to rest for some time before being cut. This helps the muscle fibers to reabsorb the juice and thus retaining the flavor till the last bite. Meat that is cut without resting will have all the juices flowing everywhere!

Ask your mates to grab a cold one while they wait!

8. Don’t ignore the veggies

Yes, the meat is star of the show but that does not mean that you should ignore the veggies. Season them with some interesting spices or curry powder to give the usual corn, onions and the rest a twist.

A mango and prawn salad is one of the most popular side dishes that you can serve at your Barbie.

There is not much wrong that you can do when you cook on the Barbie so try and slap on some is barbecued Pineapple. Look to some fish or other white meat if you have been told to lay off the red meat for some time. Add some unique snags to the Sausage Sizzle next time around and you will have people begging you for the secret ingredients!

9. Accompaniments

Remember to load up that esky next time you are going around for a Barbie. Beer, champagne or your favorite bottle of Aussie vino are all acceptable options! Remember also, that unlike our American counterparts, most Aussie barbies are not formal affairs and are likely to be spent having a good time by the pool. Make sure you pack your swimmers.

10. Clean the Barbie!

The last and definitely not least tip. Cleaning the BBQ is absolutely essential otherwise you will have rusted bars on the grill in no time. Also, just because you are cooking outside does not mean that rules of basic hygiene are to be forgotten. Do not use the same marinade for raw meat and cooked steaks and make sure that the area for resting the meat is clean and hygienic.

Bonus tip

Too lazy to cook your own BBQ? Check out the sizzle map and head down to your nearest sausage sizzle for the easy way out!

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